Sunday lunch leftovers = Pie!

Well hullo again.. it’s been a while huh? Umm yeah.. apologies for that my friends.. been real busy with the urbankitchen and creating fabulous food adventures for our wonderful clients.. Heyhum.. let’s talk leftovers .. These are Sunday lunch leftovers….. Read More ›

Forgive me ..

For not posting.. At least for the last couple of days.. The reason is I just haven’t really cooked anything.. We have eaten of course.. Yet it has been all from provisions really.. Mrs Fitz made an excellent lasagna when… Read More ›

Fougasse again..

Am really on this fougasse thingy right now.. We are having fun with it for sure! Again Mrs Fitz made a great looking dough .. We let it rise and then stretched it and slashed it.. Adding mrs Middletons roscoff… Read More ›

Double baked potatoes

Double baked spuds are the best .. I reckon so anyways.. Rubbed with mrs Middletons Lebanese pimped herb oil . Dusted with fine sea salt , skewered and into the oven on the rack ., They would to be fair… Read More ›

Mrs Fitz Greek yoghurt bread

Mrs Fitz makes exceptional bread.. Truly exceptional.. Not often enough I reckons!! It’s hearth bread.. Proper homemade bread.. Equally delicious with butter, jam or meat.. A bread for soup of stew.. Toasted in the morning.. An almost cake like quality….. Read More ›

Sausage rolls

I LOVE good sausage rolls x crumbly pastry giving way to porky pepperery herby juicy meat.. Shame there are so many bad variants.. Why do that? Its pretty simple no? Pastry meets meats.. (‘meets meats’ sounds funny x) Take ya… Read More ›

Hope’s cooking

This is from Hope, My Attorneys Daughter.. Nice one Hope! Asparagus and cream cheese puff pastry cigars You will need: Puff pastry Asparagus Cream cheese Egg yolk parmesan cheese Oil brush Instructions: First- You need to get your puff pastry… Read More ›

Guinness soda bread

Mrs Fitz (still not well.. If it carry’s on much more a referral will be on the cards).. Decided to cheer herself up by making bread.. Guinness Bread? Yup! Personally I like lucozade, milky ways and comics when feeling sick….. Read More ›

Cheaty? Meaty ,Sausage rolls

Gotta love sausage rolls for sunday breakfast, its got it all.. Things you really shouldn’t eat only for breakfast.. X So: easy cheaty meaty sausage rolls.. Get good quality sausages.. These were a great purchase at my favorite store.. A… Read More ›