Pulled pork flatbread wraps

One good thing about cooking lots of pork means that you can find it in the freezer all tubbed up and ready to go..


So after a defrosting on the cool ( scuse the pun!).. Defrost plate..

It’s good to go!

A quick flat bread of equal weight of greek yoghurt and smuggled mexican plain flour..


A simple selection of sweet baby toms, cucumber and spring onion.. Dressed in olive oil, herbamare salt and white wine vinegar ..


The pork crisped up in the pan to heat it through yet give some bits a kinda crunch ..


Breads rolled and cooked on the iron flat pan.. All served up with sauces and fingers..


And for pudding?

A sirop waffle on top of nighttime tea..


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7 replies

  1. You sure have a way of putting things together. I could eat pork at every meal I believe. Delicious!

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  2. Pulled pork was gorgeous when I had it last time I was over. Had it once here but not the same

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  3. And the syrup in the waffle warm nicely?

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