St patricks day redborne lamb stew

Well it’s here again.. Paddys day.. Slainte!!


And of course it needs to be something ‘eorish’ for tea..

First the meat.. I finally went and had a visit to see Ben at redborne, he’s got a great thing going on there. Teaching the yoof about animals and agricultures. They keep a number of pigs one of which is this one .. There are more pandas in the world than these! Large black simple name huh?


And these delicious looking new piglets ..


And of course lambs…


They have chickens too to sell fresh eggs in the cute little ‘farm shop’.. It’s for sure something that needs supporting to help with the ongoing funding.. Happy to do that for someone who is mad passionate about good product.. Must try the bacon next time also.. There were people popping by picking it up as well as jams and eggs while we were chewing the cud!

Also picked up some mortadella and some corned beef from Ben.. Plus a bottle of posh pop, more about them another time..

So lamb shoulder with fillet still attached ( a new cut or yet one that I will definitely be asking for again) 👍 procured..


Here it is..


Good huh? Yeah I think so.. Next time it will be slow roasted greek style.. Yet this is the day of the eorish stew..

Chopped up browned off in #MrsMiddletonOil ..


Now to make this extra it needs two types of reduced sticker potatoes.. One Maris piper for flouriness and another scottish waxy one in peeled.. You need both spuds it makes z big difference in eating..


And then simplicity is key.. That meat will do all the work.. The flat bone is in there too . Onions and carrots, bay from my grandfathers garden and Rosemary from ours.. Topped up with a little lamb stock just to rock the party..


Into the oven for three hours on 140 degrees.. A piece of parchment paper just on top to stop overbrowning and lid on.. After the three hours.. The aromas are killing the hounds!


Yummy doodle dee..


Seconds were eaten..

Pudding? A sirop waffle over hot tea..


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8 replies

  1. Looks like a fab stew and shopping expeirences. Now is that man just super tall?!x

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  2. OMG, it looked delicious, but the stroopwaffle made it simply divine. That’s what I call a feast! Happy Sinte Patrick, clearly the inspiration behind this fusion menu

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  3. Love the stew and looks like a really nice farm. Why do the lambs have the letters and symbols painted on them? Never heard of the syrup waffle but I think I love it!!

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