92 year old lamb stew

Ninety two year old stew?


Well it was a neck of lamb stew I made to take to eat with my 92 year grandfather ..

Defrosted the neck..


That’s on the defrosting plate I got .. It’s brilliant!

Fried off.. Just one side as my pal Rory says to do..


With spuds carrots and onions, a thyme gravy that has been waiting patiently to be used up., some extra seasoning and garden Rosemary..


Into the slow cooker..


Boxed up and driven over two hundred miles to sit and eat with my grandfather..


We shared a little 40 year old whiskey for dessert… Hic!

Great to see him looking so good ..



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10 replies

  1. Thank you for sharing Fitz, Grandpa is looking good, real good!!!!

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  2. So cute – what a good grandson you are….

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  3. The photo above Mother of Jesus is very touching. How lucky of you to have your Grandfather! 🙂

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