Granola flapjacks… sweet!

I don’t often make things like this..
Sure I have a sweet tooth at times yet for some reason don’t really make sweet things.. ( apart from lovely scones of course! )..

As we are still in use up mode there was a packet of granola that needed using up.. And it ain’t gonna be eaten for breakfast I tell ya!

So flapjacks it is.. Always frightens me when you see actually how much goes in to these things..

Almost a while back of French unsalted butter.. Golden syrup.. Muscavado dark sugar .. And side brown sugar.. And some French grey salt..


All boiled up.. This is scary .. Do not get hands or tounges anywhere near it!


Add the packet in.. It has loads of seeds and fruits and stuff..

And bake for 15 minutes…


Now.. That paper was not easy to get off I tell you!

Yet when a bit cooler .. You will know that when you stop burning your fingers and mouth trying to eat it.. Ahem..

Cut into slices..


Delicious for sure.. Remind me NOT to buy granola again…

And seriously this amount of butter and sugars is indeed frightening! Will keep the tooth fairy in business !


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12 replies

  1. That truly is keeping tooth fairies every in employment!!

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  2. So you pour the granola in to the mix then just leave to set on greaseproof paper? I think i prefer my granola with milk in a bowl and thats unusual flr me lol but i wouldnt say no

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  3. They look delicious! I’ve never made something like that before, but you absolutely convinced me with the amount of butter and sugar that goes into them 😉

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  1. Flapjacks or Granola Bars – as close to healthy food as it gets, I suppose … | Ginger&Bread

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