Had to spatchcock and CHUCKON again!

We enjoyed that chicken so much the other day it just had to be done again!

Two chickens in almost the same amount of days!

Again slashing and spatchcocking ..


And varied up the chuckon .. Veal jus powder, thai white pepper, veal jus powder, med spices from Barts, and liquid smoke from my butcher pal..and of course Mrs Middletons pimped up Roscoff garlic oil.. And a good Shake ocini of porcini powder..


Awesome !

Cooked on the bars.. Didn’t get a pic.. Was too busy getting the rice together.. ! And the corn on the cob..


Put some of those great heritage spuds on the tray underneath to catch the drippings.. Stunning..


Yesterday coleslaw also.. And a cracking meal!


Best thing? Leftovers for lunch..


And a cuddle from Cora Murley..



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  1. We spatchcock our chicken now and love the even way it cooks. My hubby even did the turkey at thanksgiving too. This meal looks delicious!

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