Another Pat in me kitchen! Bangers and mash, shallot gravy

He was back.. 


Our lovely godson..

Just a flying visit to help me out with a big catering number we had.. 

he helped well.. so as a treat before he left to go back to the valleys I asked what supper he would like..

Mr Fitz bangers with mash and gravy he announced ..

So hey! Who am I to deny a growing boy his wishes huh? 

Deal was though.. he would make it with me.. 

So he peeled the spuds.. Saxon variety .. always a good masher..

Then boiled them.. li know that may seem like a strange thing to write yet we had to talk about the level of water .. 

then a conversation about salts.. I like salts.. and me and Mrs Fitz have a collection from around the world.. Pat decided on southern Cyprus salt and some maldon.. we did though have a taste of around 7! ( lots of Dr Pepper consumed!).. 

whipping the potatoes with butter and milk.. and seasoning fabulously! 

A freezer forage pulled up a decent bag of Mr Fitz Irish recipe sausages.. 

and all went into the fry pan Keith richards stylee..


A shallot gravy made with fried banana shallots and beef stock..

The obligatory veggies.. hound stock to be fair.. 
and Pat tucked in..


How many mr Fitz fabulous Irish recipe bangers did you manage Pat? 



the eighth beat him… 
love you Pat , looking forward to the next visit! 

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  1. Really great blog…really great. You have such a lovely voice:) x

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