Smoking sausage rolls & a Chinese rice thang

Home now..

Good to be back.. Spring is definitely springing.. Birds chirping away.. Lots of cherry blossom .. A simply lovely time of year.. Simply lovely

Right .. Need to concentrate, run a few thoughts in my head.. And the easiest way of doing this?

Make sausage rolls of course! Me good ‘old pal the sausage roll..

And this outings version is quite a fancy one!

First locate your Mr Fitz’s finest English recipe sausage meat from the freezer.. What? You don’t have any? Well why not? (you can substitute for the best quality sausage meat you can find)

Some all butter French puff pastry .. Store bought as this is very good ..

Some fresh stuffing made with butter and onions.. And some Bramley apple sauce.. And a fresh duck egg to glaze..

Simply construct your filling.. Stuffing first, Mr Fitz’s finest sausage meat next.. An lastly the Bramley apple sauce..

Roll up and brush with whooped up duck egg ..

Put in oven at 200 (real money) till golden and slightly puffy.. These won’t be wildly puffy due to the moisture in the Bramley apple sauce and the stuffing.. We that’s what I reckons anyhoo..

There is something very therapeutic about making these.. I don’t know why yet it really does help me focus and play through the tasks ahead of me..

Plus you then get the added bonus if eating truly fabulous quite posh sausage rolls .. Royal rolls if you like.. The royal rolls of sausage.. Got a snappy title that!

And the smoking part ?

I dropped some off to a pal who declared that these were amongst the finest sausage rolls he had ever eaten.. And I know he has a serious palate indeed!

And the best thing to carry them over in?

The bottom half of a carton of cigarettes .. The cowboy would be proud..

The Chinese rice thang..

Use up time.. With some chicken breast from the freezer. Simply cooked in Mrs Middletons pimped Italian chilli oil , with salt , pepper and turmeric ..

Then following the blue dragon jar that was lurking halfway in a cupboard .. Mixed some basmati rice with more pimped oil.. Added the jar of Chinese rice sauce, plus the same again of reverse osmosis water..

Then the turmeric chicken, some French green beans and some cauliflower.. Cover with foil and bake in the oven ..

Did it come out ok?

Umm a bit weird .. A little bland.. Not to our taste I think.. We ate it from the pan..

Make it again?


Found some top rump in the freezer also.. That’s the next supper..









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