lamb methi curry-esque thingy mah jiggy… #pressurekingpro outing 

Well shucks I didn’t know what to call this fabulous dish! Well apart from freakin off the chain awesome perhaps? Hmm mebbe not.. 

I scored a pressure king pro .. those TV ads got to me .. that’s what happens on my down time from the fabulous catering for our wonderful clients these days.. you know the drill right? Pop the tv on to create background noise while you plan out fabulous menus .. and bam! They got ya.. it has taken a few months of saturation yet yup I did it.. well from John Lewis anyways.. I didn’t want the Mazzilion stage payments.. 

if you are not aware of the pressure king pro then ask the google gods.. like seriously ask the google gods .. I think you need this in your life.. umm like the tefal optigrill.. that bread maker and perhaps the ninja bullet thing.. ah feck it.. just stick with the pressure king pro .. watch the advert.. it’s cool.. ( well right now it’s cool.. ).. ahem.. cough cough.. 

Anyhoodeehoodoo.. let’s talk about this fabulous supper..

Shoulder of lamb scored on orange ticket.. multiple packs.. chopped fried with leftover food truck onions.. a finger of ginger and a real deal size clove of Peruvian garlic.. love this stuff ignore the Chinese stuff .. too fiddly and messy.. get some of this elephant garlic in your life.. 

into that goes some smuggled spices.. water.. some potatoes found and peeled and chopped.. fridge foraged tomatoes .. and that staple of methi leaves.. ( always always keep a pack of them in the store cupboard for sure!)… x

Well here it all is..

Lock it down.. well it just kinda twists.. not like the old style with whistles and the like.. 

now.. I pressed the stew function.. 30 mins once at pressure.. umm not again! That meat couldn’t take it really.. still smashing yet more soupy than not.. so the addition of a can of peas and some carrots .. now we talking peoples .. 

to go with? Well some fresh fried poppadoms required.. straight up Mrs Middleton oil in uncle bens wok.. 

and a stack of em.. they go with the fresh red onion tomato and pomegranate sauce doobydo ( doobydoo is indeed an actual thing..possibly.. hehe). 

And some of these new naans I am trailing for a couple of fabulous recipes for our wonderful clients.. 

all together now? Hmmm I think there might be a song in there somewhere.. 

Soupy? Not no more.. 

stunningly fabulous ? 

But of course! 

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