Baby button mushroom and flageolet ‘curry’ with pooris 

minus the freezer foraged hogget  curry  this would be a fantastic vegan/ vegetarian number.. Oh and also I suppose omitting the whack of ghee that makes it so damn tasty! 

Simple to make.. It’s one of those homey feeling numbers that makes you feel special.. 

Often the simple foods of india are the best.. In my opinion this fits right there.. 

Admittedly I have absolutely no idea where in india it comes from or even to be fair if it actually does.. 

I just went with what I think is good.. 

So starting with the red onions fried in ghee.. You really do need ghee here I think.. Even the best mouthfeelsoft rapeseed oil will not get that butteriness.. (Well ghee is clarified butter after all right?😉)., 

Adding the mix masala .. One of the Shan family’s recipes.. A great squidgy of tomato paste.. And let it cook out a bit.. 

Then in go the button mushrooms , the smaller the better.. Some reverse osmosis water added.. Lid on.. Lid off.. Let it bubble away.. Then add the flageolet beans.. Excellent ones these French numbers.. I like the whole range this company does.. The water from the can in also.. And boil up till its reduced and thick.. If the beans are going too mushy.. just strain the lot and add some juices back in.. 


The pooris? Who doesn’t dig pooris !!

So easy too..

A chapatti dough made with just atta flour and water.. 

Rolled out.. Fried in Mrs middletons oil.. (Thanks for the new supply Father!👍).. 

 Work quickly and keep the oil hot.. 

Flip them when puffed up.. Get your roll on while they cook.. It’s seconds.. 

Ok.. This is not ever day food.. And who said vegetarian food should be that healthy anyways! Ahem.. 😏

Chef ping deftly hotted up the hogget curry.. That a winning dish right there! 


Maybe an addition of a small chopped  salad would be good here.. Probably.. 

Yet we are all out of salad.. 😶

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