A dish fit for a sheik.. Quails.. Lots of quails.. 

Quails… Lots of quails.. All nestled in nicely on a big bed of cous cous.. 

Roasted with orange and thyme.. all their juices making the sauce..

I am a big fan of quail.. Thing is you kinda have to suspend your mind while you eat them in the best way.. 

Just picked up and snaffled on all primal like..

I prefer the one in each hand (whole bird) method.. 

This in my view is the best way to enjoy them… 

the cous cous is good too.. Yet small baked potatos, roasted with herbs and peppers .. 


That’s a delight indeed!

A big pile of quails really is the only way to eat them… 

Where am I? 

Out in the deserts… Desserts you say?

Check out this blueberry eclair made a new pal of mine..

 Admittedly rather a weird thing to look at… (No not the strange selfie!the blueberry eclair!!!).. .. It tastes great though! .. It does look weird though… Hmmmmmm 

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