Bukharah at Kempinski Ajman (injun bbq)


What a place! Great deco and all that yet lets talk food right?

Everything is done on the tandoors they have.. Like everything! They even have a tandoori salad! (Umm that’s about it for the veggies i think!).. Ooh no!! There are these amazing tandoori pakora type things.. More about them in a mo.. 😏

Also no cutlery.. Cool!

With such a selection of eateries available this was our first choice., no ‘international’ buffets forbid!!

Went for amazing tandoori chicken.. Bright red ? Nope!

Lamb chops.. Roti.. Mint raita.. Poppadoms (cmon you gotta have them right?!!)..



Oh and they give you adult bibs.. Very cool indeed .. Some of them maybe coming home with me.. Ahem..


Simply stunning flavours.. Each unique.. The chops although a bit over cooked for much liking were bursting with flavors..


The highlight though has to be these tandoori cauliflower pakora things..


I have to make them.. Simply have to.. Always needed a reason to complete that home tandoori oven project!!

All got ate..


A full meat belly.. I gotsta make with the sleeping..


Balcony doors open to hear that Arabian wave noise.. Very cool.. V cool indeed..

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7 replies

  1. Dude you seriously know how to do it – what a place!!! I bow down to the Great Mr Fitz!

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  2. The roti and mint chutney are always such good openers . . . so thin & crunchy, with the tang. Then . . . . pakoras! I have been known to get nearly sick on pakoras. It must be the garbanzo flour I love so much because my favorite falafel joint makes potato “chips” with such flour and they’re really thickly coated and almost chewy . . . I die. I wonder what the tandoor salad is. Love the pic of you frowning while you bite, too. Regal!

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  3. Very cool indeed! Did you bring back their bib? 😱
    Food haven ☺️☺️aha!

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