Last kebabs in Istanbul..

ok don’t panic!

Stay cool!!

There are more left for other people.. 

Yet Is this really the last kebab? We’ll probably joy yet it is indeed for now the last kebab in Istanbul .. 
So where to have this mon-u-ment-us moment? 

Here ..  A place called Sedef.. Am reliably informed that this is an excellent kebab.. 


  (That’s me about to try the David Blaine matrix trick.. It never works I just fall over.. One day mebbe.. )

So hey! 

Who I am to argue right? ( mind you don’t they know who I think I am huh? Heheh..)

The party piece here is that you buy you kebab in weight! That’s cool in my book.. I think that also shows that the meat is of value.. Perhaps.. 

So what do I get? 

The two hunge grms.. But of course! ( it came accompanied by a hard Paddington bear style stare from Mrs Fitz.. ).. I prefer chilli sauce and lemon yet heck never mind!).. 

Fries ( very good) Turkish rice , bread and pickles as sides 

With one of those cracka-lackin yoghurt ayran thingies.. I am really likin them .. Am not convinced they like me so much.. It’s a bit like drinking salty lassi .. Cooling.. Tasty .. Very salty! 

Was it any good though? 

With adding thyme and red pepper flakes.. And salt and pepper.. Heck yeah! 

I could eat like this every day.. 

That’s aside.. What happened for dinner also? 


Chicken shish for Mrs Fitz ( who declared it the best food she had eaten the whole trip..)✌️😊

For me? 

Better lay off the ‘hard’ meats..

Gone for chicken wings.. Ahem! 

Lovely indeed! 

Right time to fly.. 

Umm.. There is a Popeyes here … What’s the chances !!  

Umm none.. I got to have wine, salad and olives in the lounge instead.. 


Just one other thing.. 

I tried hijacking a food truck.. No one came.. Ah well..   ( I had no food to sell either though..).. 


Perhaps I was in the wrong area? 


Ta ta for now..

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  1. Magic. How is that plate of food!!!!


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