Istanbul dinner 

we had a loooong day wandering.. Yet what a fabulous day .. Back in time to shower and use Nes Firz’s exceptional navigation in unfamiliar places , usually with a language barrier to boot skills.  Mrs Fitz really is sooper dooper at it! 

So walking, a tram and a taxi .  (Don’t even go there about trying to get one to understand where we were actually going! ).. A quick phone call and a hand over to the driver helped.. Mrs Fitz standing on front of the car so he couldn’t drive off with my phone! 

And there we were .  Joining a friend for dinner at the new St Regis.. It’s very nice.. And in a very swanky doodle dandy part of town.. 

Dinner was tasty.. Here’s some shots..

Porcini mushroom risotto    
Foie gras and beef carpaccio 


Artichoke with some tasty grains..


I made a great foie gras sarnie..


Beef tenderloin , crispy marrow and twice baked spuds and jus in a teapot.. 


House burger with truffled fries.. 


Beef ribs.  (Mine!).. 


And onto desserts.. 

A super chocolately apricot number.. 


A take on pavlova. ..very pretty and tasty.. 


There was a strawberry cheesecake also.. 


All washed down with a very fine Turkish wine. Turkish wine is rather good.. 

And a nightmare of a cab ride home.. 

Proper nightmare.. The concierge gave the driver the wrong address .. We ended up home an hour later after crossing town the completely wrong way.. 

Buzzards .. 

Nice supper though.. Very different indeed to the old part of town.. Very different! 

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  1. Wow! I knew Turkish food was good, but I didn’t know it could be that good.

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