Istanbul eats -breakfast & lunch 

sorry for being a bit behind here.. We have packed do much into our stay and walked miles and miles.. Seriously loadsa miles! 

Yet let’s start at breakfast.. A nice spread.. All the usual hot items.. Plus special Turkish dishes.. Unfortunetly my Turkish is really not the best so I won’t even try !!

Breakfast butter .. Mmmmmm

And fruits and stuff.. 


And greens and things.. 

Yet mine made me smile the most! 

A hearty brekkie inside its time to meet our guide.. A lovely chap actually.. Would heartily recommend him.. 

And off we trot.. All the sites yet with a queue busting super guide it’s much easier.. Ahem ✌️👌

This mosque was incredible.. From a church to a mosque all the original Christian images were just covered up.. This has to be the only place on this planet that has this? 


Really really amazing.. If you can you really should visit.. 

Off to the sultans palace top kapi.. Again crowd bustin.. 

This is where they executed folks.. The fountain is to clean yourself and the ‘tools of the trade!!


I survived.. 

Oh yeah! That’s Asia over there.. 


Pretty wild! 

Yet this is about food too right? 

And it was time for lunch. Our lovely guide.. Let’s call him osman.. (Because that’s his name..).. 

Led us through the maze that is this madness.. To a great locals joint.. Hidden down backstreets straight out of a starwars movie.. 

 There is no menu.. You get what they have cooked that day for lunch.. 

It was very tasty indeed! A few ‘googly bits’ in Mrs Fitz’s meatball thingy.. Nothing too nasty though! 


The pace was immaculate amongst all these people, oh sorry .  It’s inside the grand bazar by the way.. Great shopping in there? Nah not really .. Actually not at all.. Nice to see it though.. 

And post lunch? 

A walk to the next hidden local knowledge treat and a treat it is for sure! 


Can you guess? 



My choice? A wonderful walnut one. This is the good stuff right here.. All made by themselves.. Cheap as you like and a stream of locals.. Yet all served up with a smile and a knowing nod.. 

If you get the opportunity to find this place you need it in your life.. 
We carried on seeking out the sights that most don’t get to see.. 

Catching trams, waking loads, learning loads about this pretty amazing place.. 

And taking a boat tour. .. 

So I bought a hat.. 

Off this jolly chap.. 


Needed it on the bosphoros for sure! 


Our guide wore my bag.. 

So that’s breakfast and lunch for ya.. 

And amazing sights and new knowledge I tell ya.. Pretty cool place this.. Pretty cool.. 



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5 replies

  1. Glad you are enjoying your trip. I do remember that breakfast in Istanbul was my favourite breakfast of all time. As for the bazaar, can’t believe you didn’t buy anything. Funnest place to shop ever.

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  2. Looks like lot of fun and yummy food

    Liked by 1 person

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