Istanbul Eats ..cag kebab

so we are here.  And yup it’s busy.. Like really freakin busy! 

We are staying in a very nice indeedy boutique hotel in the heart of the madness.. 

Grea position and a great room.. Very spacious and with a great terrace.. Umm with a ‘partial’ bosphoros view! 

That aside.. We had a wander already .. It was a very early start today.. Left home at four am.. So flagging a bit.. 

Now this really is the land of kebabs.. Like seriously the land of kebabs!

And there is one type in particular I was wanting to find.. The cag kebab.. The goggle gods only brought up a couple of examples .. And places.. Lucky for me we have a great concierge .. 

And it turns out that one of the best ( and last) is actually at the end of the street.. Who woulda thought it huh? 😉

So let me tell you about this delicious treat.. 

The lamb is grown (yes they are grown ).. On lush pasture land eating mountainous herbs.. Wandering freely ahem.. 

Then expertly plonked onto this spike.. It’s starts out like this.. 


It’s roasted expertly and the spit turned by hand.. I  not sure on the wood used yet it’s crackly .. 

Each tasty morsel is threaded by the master .. Into these needle like skewers at an angle.. Not by gloriously tasty bit.. 

And served to you like this.  


That pic doesn’t best show just how skinny and lovely these are.. Maybe this one? 


Anyhooo it’s delicious.  ( have I said that alteady?.,).. 

Served with thin lavash bread.. Lemony buffalo milk yoghurt , chilli with herbs.. A shepherds salad , and a fanta ( optional!).  


You gotta admit that looks good right? 


The best thing? They just keep bringing them till you run outta wallet or belly space.. 

I think I did pretty well.. 


Mrs Fitz did say though.. That my kebabs are better.. Well.. These were indeed an experience.. One that I am pleased I had.. (Not feeling the intestinal kebabs .. Literally intestines wound around a spit and roasted! )..
Are mine better ? 

For the money ? Definitely.. 

For the taste? Hate to blow my own 📯🎶  I reckon they are.. And wait till I get this one going.. Time to dig out the rotisserie BBQ when we get back.. 

Stay posted.. 

Oh yeah.. This place is popular .. Heck out how quick they get through the meat!! 


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  1. If you’re still there you should check out the public bath, preferably the aga hamami. Really worth a visit.

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  2. Looks damn tasty, even if yours are better… There’s something about street food in another country that really truly appeals to me 🙌

    Liked by 1 person

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