A titanic day.. Brisket, ice skating and a pint of the black stuff 

A bit of a whirlwind day today.  

Starting with an excellent breakfast in which godson Patrick managed to ingest :

Waffles with syrup and Nutella , four sausages , two thick toasts, a collection of pastries and cakes, watermelon slices , apple juice and probably done more too ! ( that’s a teenage lad for you..)., 🍴😉

Starting with picking up our wonderful neice.  Ruby.. 

And ice skating..well it is Christmas after all! 


God son Patrick took to it extremely well and was zipping about after no time at all.  (I was in charge of looking after various bags etc on the sidelines.. Ahem..).. 

Then after they we took on the Titanic experience.. Did you know that Cobh ( or queenstown).. was the last departure point for Titanic.. ?

I remember going to the titanic museum with my Father when I was around 17 I think.. It has changed indeed! All interactive and stuff.. Although I have to say I have much fonder memories of it from my first visit.. Am sure it was full of more exhibits and information about the white star liner.  Am sure!

We all enjoyed it though.

And this a humbling monument for the Lusitania . Opposite the titanic experience .  Which I am SURE featured heavily in the ‘old’ museum thingy.. Am still wondering where all those artefacts and stuff they had has gone to.  Sold perhaps? A big shame either way.. 

In the bottom half of those two pics  I am standing in the first class section of the balcony where they waited to board the tenders to take them to the titanic , that due to time restrictions.. ( and perhaps security.. Reasons..)., 
And here are the menus .. The third class ones don’t read too bad! The food came free with your ticket! Beers and wines extra.. I always thought that ‘from the grill’ was newish thing! 

First and second class menu:   
Third class menu..

Must say its quite a cool although brief exhibition.. 

After that it was off to look at the Ferris wheel and the Christmas lights in cork city itself on the grand parade., the queues getting the better of any active participations!

All worn out its back to the hotel for a break. 

Chicken goujons and fries for the kids , a small pizzela with sweet potato fries for Mrs Fitz..and these Panko crumbed pulled brisket balls for me., 

 They gone as an appetiser., ( sure they cost about the same as a whole good quality chicken back home..)

Tasty though I must say! 

Then the drive to kinsale to take our neice home.. And of course the Christmas dress! 

A fine one this year! Doesntt she look great! 

Back to the hotel .. 

Time for a pint., flying home tomorrow .. 


Lovely tiring festive day .. 

Happy holidays.. 

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11 replies

  1. Looks hot! Very merry jolly Christmas to you my friend!

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  2. What a wonderful day! Love, love your pictures. And how cool …the Titanic menus. You are right, third class meals …not to shabby. I never knew that is where the last departure point was, nor that there was a museum. Great post! Happy Holidays to you and yours. 🙂

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  3. Loved that you posted the menu. And the neice Ruby is adorbs. What massive piece of meat are you cooking up for the holiday?

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  4. Happy Holidays Mr fItz and Thanks a lot for sharing this with Fiesta Friday! 🙂
    Your niece is absolutely adorable! 🙂

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  5. Ask pappy about Irish folk song he sang/recited about the Lusitania, which includes the lines: “He saw the Lusitania in distress. He swallowed all the water in the sea”. Google says called The Big Strong Man” apparently. Safe home. X Ps. I knew another teenager with hollow legs.

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