Cork with a chance of meatballs … @meatballplace

back in the beautiful Emerald Isle .. 

It’s our festive visit.. To bring our neices Christmas dress.. And also to show my godson Patrick cork City , he took the plane over himself, first time ever! And it’s a little two prop number.. He did very well.. 

So a wander around cork ( the weather is wind and very wet rain)., 💨☔️


Am coming back for those fresh made crisps tomorrow .. And the English market is as delightful as ever.  Cork spiced beef needs some smuggling back methinks..

And off to this place @meatballplace , having been following their progress on the tweeter .. They have been open about four weeks.. They sell .. Umm meatballs! 

So it needed checking out for sure right?

We ordered.. You choose your meatballs, then a sauce, then a ‘main side’ if that makes sense?

 Which is a neat idea although I do reckon it could go horribly wrong ..  
I went for pork of course! With herb yoghurt and honey roasted root veggies.. 

Mrs Fitz went for pasture raised beef , a pesto sauce with Parmesan fries.. 

And godson Patrick? 

Plain burger , ketchup and Parmesan fries.. Burger? In a meat all place? Well they called it a ‘big ball burger’.. 


How was it? 

Pretty good actually! Patrick struggled a bit with his burger.. Think that’s just because he is a skinny hip teenager.. 

 We loved ours.. Although my root veg was a little bit ‘carroty’..


Overall ? Yeah we liked it.. 👍👐🎯

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  1. You look like you’ve have had a lot of fun with your godson Patrick and I bet the meatballs were yummy too. Thanks for sharing this to Fiesta Friday. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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