Smoked mackerel and seriously salty bacon post flight supper 

Post flight .. Hungry .. Good thing is there is a rather neat supermarket ..

Used to be called St michaels.. 


Picked up these..


Some salad .. And some reduced smoked shishies..

And you know I don’t really do fish..

Yet after the flight home.. I need salts in the body !

So first ‘ assemble’ the salad.. ( involves scissors to chop ask a responsible ‘adult’ like person).. 

This bacon is from @redborneschool .. Great looking bacon huh? 

Needs cooking down.. Don’t worry here it goes..

It cooks down 

Like this .. 


See it rendered .. Now the other thing is it’s mad salty!

So a couple of slices of toast buttered of course!

Some balsamic.. The thick one.. Straight from Modena .. 


Stunning supper.. 

And there is me eating fish huh!  

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