Curry night four currys

Strange title when you look back on that.. 

Still it is as it says., four currys.. Why? Well we like to have options .. 

The first was a mushroom and pea number .. Made simply by frying onions , garlic and ginger in  the smuggled desi ghee.. Mohgli curry paste.dried methi . Mint chutney and coriander chutney.. It really works!


The next is chicken curry based on the classic butter chicken..  Only this is using fresh roasted chickens.. And then the spices..
Delicious stuff! Again not spicy , none of these are with the heat of spice.. This is all about flavour..

And an aloo gobi of course! With lovely little Cornish potatoes .. Fist all the leafy stalky bits chopped and fried.. The potatoes added.. The the cauliflower and spices.. 


All finished off with fresh coriander

And the final dish to complete this medley ? 

A carrot dish.. Simply boiled carrots, lightly crushed ,desi ghee and pav bhaji spices from the Shan family.  

Put that all together with some yoghurt bread pooris , and some poppadoms.. ( let’s be honest you gotta have the poppadoms right!)..

Delicious supper.. Well worth the cooking!


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  1. Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays From Kouzounas Kitchen!

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  2. That looks and sounds lush. Happy Christmas 🎄

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  3. Where you get this from? Am I in uk in Ashford so will look if you tell me where. Great looking meal too.x

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