Wyangus burgers 

hang on! Is spell checker working? Yup it is.. And it took me a good while to get it to write what I wanted! 

So what’s the story? Well thanks to my good pal Ben I scored some of this wonderful stuff..

It’s Wagyu crossed Angus from a master breeder that I am going to seek out in the new year.. 

And mighty deliciously fine it was! 

Absolutely no fat leaking out.. A bit of a shame.. I like a little fat in a burger.. 


One thing I did do was add salt and thyme.. I often think that a good burger requires salting.. With the finest best salt you can get.. 

And with it? Squishy rolls.. Sweet potato fries from the indoor freezer. 

And a newmans salad..

 Doesn’t look like much right?


It was an amazing burger! I am so glad I have another couple left in the freezer.. 


Just wanted more meat! Gonna double up next time.. 

Seek it out! Wyangus .. Equals lovely lovely lovely..  

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