The main event.. Hoodeee ho..

Well it’s that time of year.. The one day that causes panic, testing festive fun and endless discussions about what people are having for lunch/dinner/breakfast/supper.. As I am always thinking food it’s quite nice to hear about everyone else’s! 

My pal Ramsay had a lovely bit of blythburg, and a redborne a great breakfast .. I mention that as we had serious discussions about the meats.. Nice one rams!


For us? 

Christmas Eve was a spaghetti number .. Onions fried off with garlic and previously smuggled Italian herbs from amsterdam. A whole bottle of Rioja .. And boiled down for ages! Adding some butter to riches it even more.. And some crushed bruschetta..

Christmas morning was a breakfast of sausages.. Found in the freezer from last year! These were fried off and jiggled in a bottle of Hendersons sauce.. It’s like a Worcestershire .. Yet fishless..a present from my auntie Jan.. Popped into buttered little dinner rolls also courtesy of a freezer forage..

Then the main event.. Post a couple of Christmas pints in the pub.. 

A red ticket excellent piece of Hereford beefs..again being looked after by the indoor freezer..rubbed with rosemary and red wine stock ala my attorney and marco’s advice..


Roasted in the oven just a little too long.. Not pink enough yet mad tasty as were the spuds that were sitting underneath it..
A Diane sauce .. Gone old school , horseradish of course and crushed carrot and parsnips…

And a great yorky.. 


We even ate in the good room! ( well it is Christmas after all!)..

Crackers? ( the pulling kind..).. 

Well I had some from a while back ..they were in the boot of the vw convertible.. Bought on a reduced ticket.. 

Umm they were for Easter!


And pudding? Well ambassador .. You are spoiling us! Champagne and chocolates ..


Good leftovers .. Of course! And seeing as most of this we already had., ( and were gifted the bubbles and chocolates and even the spuds!)

It was a pretty frugal Crimbo! And didn’t miss out on anything.. 

Hang on .. No turkey? 

Well I was donated a fresh carcass .. 

That’s for soup.. And for another post.. 

Happy Christmas..  


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53 replies

  1. Looks like you had fun! Happy New Year , Happy Throwback Thursday and Happy FF!

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  2. It sounds like a great Christmas! Nice and relaxed! I couldn’t even be bothered to cook breakfast on boxing day after all the cooking, luckily the house was full of hungry guests who were happy to do it for me! I bet your freezer is much more interesting to forage in than mine. Happy 2016! 🙂

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  3. Sounds like you had a very Merry holiday indeed! I showed my folks the Fiesta Friday board and they picked your post out right away (they’re from the Midwest, big meat country here in the states) and were quite impressed. They I told them about your pups, so we looked for them, too! Happy New Year and Happy Fiesta Friday!! I’m pinning this to the FF Board just in case no one has yet!

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  4. You are a brilliant forager! Those crackers just go to show! Happy New Year.

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  5. Always such a feast at the Fitz household!

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  6. Delish. Merriest of Merries, Mr. Fitz !

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  7. Looks like a damn cracking few days in the Fitz house hold 👊👊👊

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  8. A feast as always at the Chez Fitz. Thank you for feeding us so well at the party and Happy Holidays,

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  9. I just love putting together a meal from items in the freezer or pantry. Looks like you ate real good from the spaghetti to that nice looking piece of meat. Happy Holidays and thanks for sharing with Fiesta Friday #100.

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  10. Wow – what a feast, Mr Fitz! Loving it – especially the idea of using an entire bottle of wine. I can only imagine the finished product …
    Happy Christmas & Happy Fiesta Friday 100!
    Ginger x

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