Lebanesey kinda number 

So we have no summer.. it’s official.. well I say it’s official! Perhaps not that official.. Hmmm.. So let’s get some sunshine in our food.. and we really dig this kinda food..  first these kofta type things.. using beef here.. with… Read More ›

5 Guys and REAL FRIES!

Had to do it.. Felt bad.. Actually didn’t! X 5 guys Is that reliable, honest and you know what you are getting ‘fast food’.. Not like the ‘clown’ at all! There is something great about being able to add a… Read More ›

WENDYS! Square burgers!

I miss Wendys Burgers.. Dunno why yet have good memories of them.. Being amazed at the square burgers.. A stack of em x I used to travel into London specially to get them.. Imagine my horror one day when I… Read More ›