Breakfast, lunch & dinner.. NYC

A quick posting..

I say that as the weather is so nice today here in New York that we just have to get back outside into the sun!

Breakfast.. Morton Williams.. Bacon sausage and breakfast potatoes.. Washed down with a delicious organic coconut water..

Lunch.. Just had to be Five Guys.. Mrs Fitz has never had a Five Guys., if you have read prior posts or fancy writing Five guys into the search box on then you will see that I dig this burger bar as right up there. Some ghe about their honesty.. The very good fries.. Very good indeed .. And the burgers are just easy to eat..

And free peanuts while you wait? Genius!

So.. I don’t think that Mrs Fitz quite understood my sheer child kind happiness at us passing by ..

Yet I was happy indeed .. Very happy! (Mrs Fitz still ate her burger though!)..

We then did a bunch of touristic stuff.. And walked our legs off! Owee oww ow !

That’s the statue on my head..

Ok ..

Supper.. Went to the Heartland Brewery.. It was mobbed.. Yet a good smile and a nice tone enabled us to beat the line..

Simple supper of hanger steak in peppercorn .. With Idaho mash.. I just wish I could get those potatoes in England..

And a salmon number for Mrs Fitz..

Why such a short write?

It was fine.. Not great bit bad.. Fine.. Just simply fine.. (Say it in a low tone,,)

There we go..

Out to the sun again! C’mon legs!!







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