Pastrami deli sandwich at Morton Williams

Well we had to do it..

Didn’t want to do it at a touristic spot ..

Although of course they are cool and Katz or Carnegie delia both spring to mind.. Yet the queue? The line?

No chance..

No more…

Not now..

Not ever? (Ok big ask I know..?!)

Yet Mrs Fitz had to have the pastrami sandwich New York deli style .. Had to ..

Come to NYC and not have one?

C’mon! Really? ( say it kinda nasally to sound authentic!)

We got is at Morton Williams.. A good price and according to Mrs Fitz it was epic!

I wanted the pork shanks.. Didn’t get them this time

So there you go .. Try the pastrami deli sandwich at Morton Williams at west 57th and 6th..

Oh and then go for the cocktails at Kingside.. Next to the viceroy hotel..

An aviator for me.. And sheesh that would make you fly! And a kingside g&t for Mrs Fitz…







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