Virgin lounge/clubhouse JFK

Getting ready to fly home.. And what better than at the virgin lounge ..

After arrival to the airport and fast tracking security.. See told you queuing was out for a while..

Into the virgin clubhouse we pop.. (That’s flying upper for you.. Ahem ..)

Greeted by a lovely server , and fierce cocktails.. This first had to be a Virgin Redhead.. Don’t be fooled though .. this is a cocktail made from bubbly, berry liqueurs , Bombay sapphire gin and fresh rasberries..

Onto delightful tapas.. Batters cod with malt vinegar mayo, chips with curry sauce, a truffled mushroom flatbread for Mrs Fitz.. And what I think have to be THE best ever radishes I have ever had! With parsley salt that just has to be made back at Mr Fitz HQ..

Wonderful snacks.. Wonderful indeed and cocktails? Like what is served in a good lizard lounge bar..

Just sipping on a caipirinha as I type.. all while popping truffled popcorn kernels in my mouth .. Feck it’s tough to travel sometimes…







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