So where have I been? It’s been a while .. well here we go again.. BOSTON BITES!!

Yup we flew out to beautiful Boston .. it is truly a fabulous place.. we went to explore foods and celebrate St Patricks day.. so who better to take with us?

Our lovely godson Patrick.. his first time across the pond.. I remember the first time I went with my Father.. and this did indeed have hazy recollections and memories of that fab time.. that’s for another day perhaps…

Well where do we start.. hmmm ok well it was seriously cold! They deal with the snow and stuff so so efficiently.. it does make you wonder why we can get it so wrong sometimes..


So after a fab flight with Norwegian air.. on a brand bee Dreamliner.. we had that ‘welcome’ to the states… almost three hours to clear immigration!! Almost half the time of the flight! Sheesh already!

And off we pop to our apartment.. a very nice apartment.. with a 7-11 right next door.. so slurpys and takeout for supper then!

Up early.. Mrs Fitz already decided that we would average at least eight miles per day.. yes indeedy doodle .. eight miles minimum.. WALKING!!!

You know what though.. it was fine and dandy.. and meant we got to see amazing things… listing them all is kinda impossible really.. just be rest assured that if you could stroll past it we probably did… maybe a couple of times!

And of course we rode the subway a few times.. it is so simple to navigate when you have a young man and a Sherlock like wife with you! We covered the district with Patrick enjoying the shopping… hmm that was familiar for sure!

My fave subway ride was this one…

Yeah… Wonderland!

Food ? Heaps.. like heaps.. 

Those trucks were good.. better was the bubble and squeak I made for us ..

With sweet Italian sausages .. and the strangest butter ever! Fabulous  potatoes!

Oh and meat for snacking on..

With fresh corn chips .. awesome!

There was so much variance we didn’t get all the shots really.. yet trust me.. it was fabulous!

Oh and corn dogs and grape soda for breakfast..

And of course Patrick wanted to find this hidden sneaker store..

So off we travelled on another adventure to find it.. ( now that reminded me of my visit to LA with my father!)…

what else? Hmm heaps!

The cheers bar .. of course

And the main event.. st  patricks day

Umm minus ten degrees!

Yet sheesh they do it well… all weekend!

Yet proper cold..

Ah yes!

I like these shots too!

We had a groovy time… far too much to write about really…

Still I hope you got a snap of how we enjoyed it..

See you soon Boston!

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