Lunch at the swan in Salford @theswansalford

I used to visit the the swan in Salford quite often for lunch meetings a few years back.. so I looked forward to this revisit.. I think they own a few pubs now.. All liking local food and stuff.. 

This was the menu.. A bit of a shame as I really fancied some of the dishes that were written on the boards.. Ah well! 

I have gone all vegetarian ! It’s ok!! 

It’s just for this lunch! Panic over!

I just really didn’t fancy eating chicken.. And add many will know I don’t do fishes.. So here is the menu…


We were also sat in the ‘barn’ it’s adjacent to the pub and used for private meetings and eatings I think! (It was cold..).. And not very conducive to speaking to anyone apart from the ones either side of you.. weird..

It also means that there are no staff.. So quite a wait for courses and drinks etc.. I really wouldn’t recommend it to be totally honest.. Maybe have the presentation/meeting in the ‘barn’ then eat inside the pub.. Which is rather pleasent and plenty of room..

So here are the dishes I had and my new pal had too..

Starting with the whipped broad beans with tomato coriander and chilli, and the cured sea trout with pickled veggies and mustard dressing.. The road bean thing was good.. Not fridge cold so that cool! presented well although a little too much of it and not really a chilli taste, nicely seasoned though, I did enjoy it .. my pal finished off his fishy starter and said it was rather nice..


A bit of a wait later.. And a longer wait while all the dishes came out.. 

There wasn’t that many of us so I don’t get why it took that long.. the fish seemed to be the one that took the longest..  
I have gone for the pea , shallot and motel tart , spring greens and a truffle hollandaise pal choosing the pan fried hake with cauliflower, iberico ham and leek vinegarette..

My pal declared the fish fish wonderful and ate the lot.. 
Mine? Well quite nice although not delicate to eat in company really, the tart was bits of pastry.. The veggies tasty enough.. All in all a tasty dish that I would happily eat again.. (Although maybe with a couple of juicy pork sausages! Ahem😏)..

Ok.. Now lets go for an even longer wait .. This is getting tedious.. 

Puddings.. Or deserts if you prefer..

That puddle you see is what would have I am sure been a much more delicious iced blood orange parfait, with pistachios and toasted marshmallows.. It arrived like that and just melted more as the others were served.. Bit by bit by bit…


The chocolate above is a valrhona chocolate pot with a salted caramel centre and a dark chocolate sauce.. 

Reads real nice right? Umm a little dissapointing.. 

I left shortly after dessert as teas and coffees were taking forever.. seriously forever ! my hosts had to go fetch someone to assist..

Overall? Well the food was tasty enough yet not outstanding.. it’s good food though.. I don’t think if I had paid for it I would have been that happy! 

If you are to ever use the place for a meeting.. Make sure you eat in the pub.. Or make sure you are prepared for a long wait between courses and are happy to have to go find the staff.. 

Wish I could say it was better.. 😕 

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  1. Poor service or whatever, the dishes are at least very appealing. I also think it’s important to patronise these places before they completely disappear and maybe help them stay in business. If I could get jamon iberico at one of my local establishments, I would be so happy.

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  2. Service has become a problem at the Swan. I stopped going after the summer, opting instead to go to the Carrington Arms in Moulsoe

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