Roasted chicken pibil corn tacos for #tacotuesday

Who was it that invented #tacotuesday ? Because whoever that was they have been very clever! 

I swear I have not been conciously deciding on having tacos on #tacotuesday .. So how they got that deep into my subconscious I do not know! (Let’s hope it’s the only #sleeperagent type thing they popped in there right? Spooky! 😳

So taking a nice feathered fowl. 

Roasting it.. (Along with some merguez for a lunch tomorrow..) sharing the spoils with the hounds..

Then taking some meat and shredding it a little mixing the pibil paste .. Good stuff that stuff.. 


A chopped salad of crunchy iceberg lettuce, hard Dutch tomatoes, red onion, coriander and red and green hothouse peppers.. Sour cream at the ready and some red cheese for Mrs Fitz .. The corn shells are very good from @oldelpasouk #oldelpaso Chefping knocks them outta the machine in under a minute..

A couple of sauces in the mix too.. 

Oh! And some chopped red pickled jalapeños.. 

This is tasty eating! And a great way to inject some salad into you!

Like this..


Or like this.. 

Happy #tacotuesday .. Wonder what #weirdwednesday may bring? Hmm ✌️

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