Apologies for my absence ! It’s been a while.. Ok just a little while! 

So what’s the story? 

Well … I needed to pop off to Alicante for a few meetings .. 

The food whilst there was rather nice.. A wide and varied selection.. If you dig small plate of Thai / Mediterranean fusion food and straight up Thai or Mediterranean food then where I was would be right up your street!

A few highlights?


Wonderful charcuterie of course! A really nice saffron pasta with tofu thing .. Iberican pork.. (Delicious!).. that came with a wonderful barley thing that really has changed my mind about exploring more grains.. 

And cakes.. Lots of cakes.. That’s the good thing about these kind of places… More sweet things than you care to mention!


Ooh ooh!

I forget this excellent live cooking station of this wonderful vegetarian rice and vegetables thing.. I could eat a massive bowl of that regularly..


Loved that! ( didn’t like the steaks that much..hmmm and then there was a chopped lamb number .. Tasty!).. 

And then the travel nightmares.. Air traffic control France.. On strike.. What does that equal? Well a nightmare! Cancelled flights.. Crazy delays.. I got home post midnight.. Very tired ..

Thing is though.. Mrs Fitz is simply fantastic in these situations .. She makes a wonderful cottage pie jam-packed with vegetables and a mixed root veg mash… and has done this on numerous occasions when I have had a hard travel time..  A complete and utter superstar ! ( oh! And admittedly I had to wake not only Mrs Fitz yet the hounds too as I had forgotten to take my keys..pantaloons..).. 

Howling hounds at this time of the late night is not great!

This is exactly what you need in these situations… Winner winner cottage pie dinner… Yeah!!! 

Here are some other times too! Take a look!! 


Thanks Mrs Fitz .. 


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  1. You got a good Mrs Fitz there. You better hang on to her, old chap!

    I’ve been wondering for quite some time now, but where are you from anyways? You live an interesting life. Carry on sir!

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