Back in Delhi -Indian adventures part three! Swimming pools in bedrooms and the only hardtop auto rickshaw in Delhi!

This post is a bit of two sorts.. Firstly we have arrived back in Delhi.. For the final leg of our Indian adventures.. And oh my have we had some fun! And eaten done seriously good foods.. 

So where are staying know? Well we are at the lodhi.. This place is supercool.  It’s at the top top end of Delhi.. It’s not a colonial place it’s a seriously modern number.. (Without the sparseness you normally assume!).. 
Umm .. And did I mention that we have a pool? Umm IN our room? and not just a small number either! More than big enough and pretty high up four floors at least! This is a perfect place for us to finish this adventure.. pictures cannot tell you just how cool this place is! 

So after s brief snooze to shake off the flight from Jaipur.. It was a little longer thus time with some delays.. Ah well.. 

It was time to climb aboard this wonderful auto rickshaw.. You can only catch it at the Lodhi.. It’s got seatbelts, (unheard of!).. Double glazing , roof lighting interior and a banging JVC sound system! 


Off we trundle into the madness that is Delhi traffic.. And upon excellent advice arrive here.  This is really freakin exciting!!!’ We feel alive!

This is a great menu.. It shows that it’s eaten in by all.. And the prices? Well they are in rupees.. You are talking dishes for no money at all! 

When a Pepsi costs double the samosas… Sheesh! 

Oh I cannot wait… 

We order a bunch.. All the things we have been wanting.. Gol guptta , samosa and chole, aloo tikka , sarson kaag, rough corn rotis.. 
Each a complete hit! We Hoover it up! ( must be the traveling ahem..)..

We are both just so so happy to be eating this.. 

And the price for it all? How does just over FOUR ENGLISH POUNDS..

Let me say that again.. FOUR ENGLISH POUNDS!

Now I know that people worry about eating out ‘on the street’ as it where.. The hygiene they say.. C’mon o have eaten worse bacon butties offa van or a ‘burger’ from a van in the UK.. And of course some dubious fish and chip shops.. Let alone the late night fried chicken stores! 

These places live in their reputation.. They just cannot afford to make people sick! Mind you at those prices I don’t know how they do it! 

And then back to our new well heeled residence . Very seriously well heeled.. Is it wrong to say I feel very much at home? The cars that are pulling up are very plush.. Why on earth you would want a car like that in Delhi beats me! It’s bonker doodle dandy on the roads .. 

A swim in our pool , (did I mention we had one in our room? Hehehhe).. To get rid of the strains of travel.. Ahem.. And now relaxing in the fronted on watching telly.. Deciding on tomorrow’s adventure.. 

We have a few bits planned out already.. 


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16 replies

  1. That’s “Luxury” !!!! Wow!


  2. Reblogged this on Cooking with Mr Fitz and commented:

    Time book this winters vacation… Hmm.. India again mebbe?


  3. Wow! Never heard of a swimming pool in a hotel room. Great post, Mr. Fritz. 🙂

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  4. You’ve got to be kidding – a pool in your room. I’ve stayed in some pretty plush hotels but never with a pool!

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  5. You are seriously pampering yourselves, I am so jealous! What a treat.

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  6. Oh wow! I’ve never seen a pool in a hotel room! Am loving this holiday your having! Well jealous!

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  7. Showed this to the hubster, now he’s mad at you. He thought he was showing me the good life when he booked a hotel with a TV in the bathroom. It doesn’t equal a swimming pool! 🙂

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  8. Post a link to this posh hotel! Wow wow wow!

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