Last afternoon snack in Delhi.. Delicious ! 

Ok.. Mrs Fitz reminded me that I haven’t eaten any meats for a couple of days.  I think I am getting like the lion in Madagascar! Hmmm

Anyhoo after the breakfast fiasco we take a scoot about.. 

Couple of markets, and then the traffic just gets too much for us.. 

It’s our last day so let’s chill huh? 

(And I get a message from my mechanic saying that my Volvo seems to have self destructed in a spectacular way! Feck it!).. 

So back to the magnificent (minus the breakfast) Lodhi hotel..

We get the hardtop tuk tuk again.. Love this thing! 


And off in search of street eats.. It at least as local as we can. Helps when you have a knowledgable driver right! 😉

We pause highway side to this place.. 

And what is that thing  I am clutching in my paws so excitedly?

It’s this.. Dunno what it’s called but it’s like a pie.. Well like a flaky pastry piece and the most delicious tasting potato curry type thingy.. 


It’s may not win a prize in a beauty contest.. And get told off on masterchef for not being pretty enough.. Feck them all I say.. This is awesome ! Me and Mrs Fitz both agree that ..

And the cost?

Umm how does 3o British pence grab ya? HOW??? 

So that’s our starter if you like.. 

Onto the mains.. 

A great place that just screams local and raw! 

Gotta kick things off with more of the delightful crispy balls of flavour..

   Just cave the top in and fill up with the filling and sauces.. 

And down the hole in one!

The onto more .. Look how these look.. Again no points on masterchef etc.. Again.. Feck em all! 


That’s aloo tikka , this time so crispy on the outside.. With hardcore chana and a samosa..

How was it? 

 Incredible I tell you!  Incredible! 

And how much ? How does two portions for less that FOUR BRITISH POUNDS grab you? ( that includes the other dish too..).. An also includes a coke and this rather strange yet endearing salt sweet lime soda.. It’s black salt.. Slightly sulphury.. 


Admittedly it really doesn’t look great right? And if I hadn’t seen them make it I wouldn’t have trusted it! 

Then back to the hotel.. A beard trim in the salon ready for the flight home tomorrow .. With all that’s going on in the world it’s best to look at least a small bit respectable through customs and immigration! 😏

And then a call from the front desk.. They got my tawas! I have been looking for iron tawas since we got to india.. they score! On the last evening.. Bloody marvellous.. 👍👍👍👍 ( yes I do indeed need three.. Ahem..).. 


Rightyho.. Time to relax.. 

Did I mention we have a pool in our room? 



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  1. Read reviews of lesser known eateries of Delhi at 
    Please promote and share!


  2. sorry I was not able to help with streetfood in Delhi – but it seems you have done alright.
    Kachorisd and aloo tikki I make here in my house too, sometimes for tea!
    Hope you had a good flight back home taking with you good and happy memories of your visit. Greeting to Mrs. Fitz.

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  3. Thanks for sharing your culinary journey through my favorite country in the whole world! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Omg! Your posts are making me miss Delhi 😦 and that flaky goodie is called “Kachori”! I love street food and all these kachoris / gol gappa and aloo tikki is making me hungry 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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