almost last  breakfast in aravalli hills and heffalumps (elephants!).. 

So sadly it’s our last day at the fantastic property that is the Tree of Life here in the aravalli hills outside of Jaipur.. Seriously if you ever get the chance then you must stay here.  I promise you will not regret it.  From the pink mini palace that is our own , (there are 14 in total on this Eco-ish resort), fantastic with incredible high ceilings .. Domed at the top in each room would you believe it! 

And the staff? Wonderful people .. Yet hey.. Let’s get real for a second.. The food.. The food.. The food.. WOWSERS! Delightful as you probably read already.. 

Breakfast .. Nailed.. 

Today’s major delight was this one ..

A bread pulao , never in my life would I have thought of this.. Crackalackin I tells you .. 

And this a lentil stuffed poori .. With a gentle bhaji.. 


Now that breakfast .. We are off to play with elephants.. 

And this one in particular.  Rani.. 

 How superb is that huh?

Now.  It was supper time for Rani.. 

Bananas and sugar cane.. This bis what an elephants mouth looks like close up while you pop a banana into it!

And then a smart bit of painting.. 

Cool huh? 

And then another elephant came for a juice too..

What an experience!

Managed to score the tiffin pieces I wanted to get on the way back too! 

Did you know you buy steel by weight here like gold? Amazing!

What a day… Won’t forget that in a hurry for sure.. 


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  1. Bread pulao… I have had so many times. it’s not available in any restaurant or Commercial outlets though. and it tastes better than bread!!

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  2. Love it!! Great pictures 🙂

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