Bang on biryani X2

we truly are being spoilt for delicious food.. 

After a pootle about Jaipur, taking in some sights and a couple of libations.. 


This is my pal Abhi who hopped me about.  A lovely chap with a real interesting outlook .. And an insiders knowledge of all of Rajasthan that you wouldn’t believe!   
There were some wonderful sights. And wow! we have a great driver..I would never want to negotiate they traffic.. And in the dark? Sheesh!! 

Yet supper!?!

These delightful kebabs of mashed kidney bean and lamb.. Very nice yet rather spicy! 

And then the main event. .. 

Byriani two ways.. One with chicken, one with lamb.. 

Both different in their flavours .. Both wonderful! What I really like is the lightness and the clean tasting of all the food that we have been fortunate enough to have here at the tree of life.. Ok some bits have been a little spicy, yet none have been overpowering or uncomfortable.. If you get what I mean.. 


The byrianis came with a wonderful salad of local pieces, a lip smacking raita, popadoms and Indian breads. also this amazing peanutty type sauce.. 

On those salad items.. I am very taken at the moment with their types of carrot! It’s like an orangey colour on the outside yet the inner is white.. I have never seen anything like it before.. They are not as sugar sweet as any of the ‘heritage’ carrots we have tried out.  

They are very intriguing..   Hmmmm.. 

That aside .. A pudding of the ultimate sweetness! It should be illegal! Or at least dispensed under very strict rules! 

Bread fried and soaked in sugar syrup.. Sweet apricot pieces.. Pistachios And sweetened condensed milk.. And then more sugar.. 


Of course it was unbelievably exciting.. with all that sugar we could have taken on a regiment.. you can see if the Rajputs and maharajahs are this sort of thing (of which I have come to learn that they were indeed extremely partial to sweet things!).. that dentistry is still a very active and growing industry in these parts! 

I tell ya.. That stuff was dangerous! 


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  1. This periodontist loves that you are concerned with your dental health on vacation!

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