Cooking with the chef at the tree of life Jaipur

did I mention just how beautiful and chilled it is here? Don’t expect mad animations from brought in musicians or the staff dressing up in outfits and singing abba songs.. No siree .. Well did you really expect that huh? Hehehe 

A morning of mediation first.. 

 Ok so whilst Mrs Fitz relaxes in her private spa for four hours.. Yeah hours of treatments! Will I recognise her? Hope so! 🙏I went off with chef.. First to the market on an auto rickshaw .. Across the desert like hills and then onto the highway.. And into the market.. That drive is not for the faint hearted so best to just keep talking to chef all they way though it!

So here’s the market.. All local produce.. I am leaning here in the shot don’t know why! Earthquake? Systemic shift? 


We stopped by and picked up veggies .. Both deciding that the peas were just not sweet enough.. 

Interesting herbs and veggies though.. MUCH more interesting for me was the butchers.. Well it would be right?!! You annoy get a fresher chicken than this! Nexk slit and into the blue bucket .. It rocks around in that then all calm.. Deftly skinned.. That’s an experience I tells ya! Nice chap too.. Although am not 100% it would pass an inspection 😶

And then back to the kitchen along the crazy highway.. Passed all the cows, goats, pigs and a couple of elephants …

We are cooking our supper and man it feels great to be back in a kitchen! 

Starting with the chicken.. Still warm.. Washed  thoroughly .. 

And chopped into portions 

First the onions fried off in more mustard oil than you would care to imagine! Not a bad thing. Just the expense of it back home..

Then adding the ‘hard’spices .. The non ground ones.. Bay, two type of cardamoms, dried red chilli , mace.. Probably something else too!

And frying the chicken off in the same .. Adding some water to start the sauce, this was interesting to me as it was layering spices rather than all at once.. 


Now the dry spices, coriander, chilli, salt, masala into the sauce.. More water and leave that alone in quite a high heat, no slowing it down really.. We picked up some great spinach at the market,all boiled half of it chopped the other puréed , that goes in.. Along with some blitzed skinned and seeded tomatoes , fresh tomatoes and a then heavy fresh made cream.. Yeah!

Easier to do a layout of all that with this wifi.. It’s not great out in the Avalli hills!

Ok while that gets itself together we move on to some breads.. Aloo parathas.. I now learnt how they don’t get those annoying lumps that always burst through mine.. They great them! Simple fix huh? 

They are expertly made up.. And cooked on the hot plate.. Buttered each side.. Got it!

Next we make some murgh tikka..

Boneless chicken pre-marinated in chilli vinegar salt and a drop of oil..  

Never thought of a pre marination ml before the actual marination.. Of which this is rather good , yoghurt is hung up in muslin till all that remains is a thick version into a big tray.. With spices added and mustard oil at the top .. Then more chilli of course! 

The whole lot mixed by hand .. And taa daa! 

 We of course had to try it so cooked some off in the tandoor along with some breads ..


What else? 

Well good conversation ..

And a new raw tomato/tomatillo sauce.. The tomatos from th market , quickly warmed with spice and vinegar.. Salt and a pinch of sugar.. Whizzed up.. That’s going to be a dip for the masala fries tonite! ( special request from me!).. 

We are cooking all this for me and Mrs Fitz’ supper.. So you will just have to wait to see the outcome! 

Great day.. Loved it! 

Oh did I recognise Mrs Fitz ? Yeah just a shinier sparklier version!

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4 replies

  1. congratulations – lucky you – looks like a wonderful meal – and agree the chicken wouldn’t pass inspection but you know what, at least it didn’t travel for ages cooped up in the back of a van from Serbia to Germany and then go through a processing plant, overall a much better and fast way to go – enjoy your travels!

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  2. What a great birthday treat! The meal and the spa.

    Liked by 1 person

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