Chef day supper in Jaipur – fresh fresh chicken..

so how did it all go?

If you missed it then read the post before this one.. 

This is how the eating turned out! If you want to understand the ‘making of’ you don’t need to buy the directors cut.. Just read the post before where I had a ball with chef!

So with Mrs Fitz all sparkly and new.. It’s time to eat.. 

The starter if that murgh tikka.. Beautiful crisp and soft all at the same time! 


Then the main event!

A massive spread! Like when you can’t really decide what you want and end up ordering loads!! Must say the smokey aubergine with peas was cracking! 

  And this Dahl I had to take a shot of… I always refused Dahl as a child.. The Tarka on this ticked! ( no father and mama I still will not eat Dahl..).. Unless it’s here.. 


That tomatoe dip was just spot in with the masala fries.. Their potatoes are really rather tasty.. 

Again you gotta read the last post to get this.. Am I forcing your hand yet?


Now check out this amazing dessert.. It’s a kheer.. Although not rice.. With oranges from the trees outside!  

 It must have been good as Mrs Fitz ate the rest of mine…! Either that or all that spa-ing has gone to her head.. Shoulders , knees and toes!!! Hahhaha 

Ok.. Stuffed … Time for bed… Nite nite, try sleep as tight as I am for sure! 

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  1. 🙂 oh wow have I missed your posts – I have just got back from London where I had some really great food, of course, Pakistan, Szechuan, dumplings, asian fusion, there are sadly never enough days when I travel for all the foods I want to try..and then I visit your page and decide I need to travel..

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