Another ‘hard’day in the aravalli hills , Jaipur 

it’s getting hard this.. Writing about how wonderful this Tree of Life place really is.. Why hard? 


Another excellent breakfast.  

With fresh fruits, local honey and scrumptious yoghurt.. 

Followed by parv bhaji .. That wonderfully light spiced veg medley that really does make for an excellent morning meal.. Not too heavy yet not too light.. 


(I am though starting to bloat a little with the amount of breads we are eating.  Ok it’s only small amounts yet far more than we are used to..).,  
Mrs Fitz had thus excellent flattened rice dish.. So so so light .. We saw flattened rice in the market in old Delhi and a our guide explained that a breakfast was made from it.  We both thought it would be some kinda porridgey smushy affair., oh no! Not at all ! 👍

Light.. Non sticky.. Beautiful local veggies put through it .  An a tincy amount of yello dhal to colour and slightly flavour it., 


Stunning , and we are fast learning that using natural yoghurt as .. Well I suppose as a type of condiment really… it changes things., and makes a new taste.. Very good .. In fact very very good ! 

Oh . And I decided to try an egg too., I think just a little runnier for me.,  can you see why it’s getting hard huh? 

(I did get given ketchup to have with the egg? That’s a new one on me!).. (Decide. Against it,.sticking with salt and pepper..)., 

So hang on.. 

I began by saying it was hard to write these posts.. 

Well.. Let’s carry on a little first., 

Post breakfast we take a walk about., 

The flora is lovely.  

Our residence is looking cool as .. (fill in your own expletive here!)., 

They have the most amazing open air Ganesh abode.  With lots of beautiful statues.  (Art is dotted about all over the place..)., these are three that caught my eye the most.  


A brisk meditate by the infinity pool on the way around… It’s becoming a daily occurrence..    

And now writing this in between reading a book with my feet in our private pool in exactly the right amount of sunshine and temperature..  

So hard? Huh? 

Well as my Auntie Ros mailed me yesterday after reading my posts.. 

Life is hard sometimes .. 😉

You know what Auntie Ros? 

Yup it sometimes sure is.. 

The wifi signal is shocking.   



   Even Ganesh seems to be looking for it.. 

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  1. clearly life doesn’t suck right now. What a lovely trip you are having! The biriyani looks delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

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