Aravalli hills Jaipur

ok.. People have been asking me about the scenery and the touring.. Well ok.. Here’s a couple of shots.. Sure we did the elephant ride up to the top of the amber fort.. Bit of heavy traffic up there ( all elephants  sorry for the pun!).. 

And wandered about the rooms and courtyards.. It is indeed impressive.. 

This is a shot from the elephants back..of flowing gardens.. Jasmine?


And here at the bottom of the fort..


And we wandered about some more.. And went a printing place.. 

  That’s Mrs Fitz trying her hand at it.. 
And this the final result. The chap seems happy here..

Yet not so happy here.. When I went and stood next to him! ( they didn’t even give us that piece of printing that’s how upset he musta been! 


Still never mind!

Then they to sell us carpets for a while .. Despite repeated comments from us that we have no carpets in our house whatsoever..! 

That ordeal over with , I think they finally got it!

I saw the tailor.. Have got some shirts made.. They say they will be with me in 24hrs or less.. Hmm..


That’s some scenery right? 

Let’s talk breakfast! 

Having woken slightly later ( which means Mrs Fitz must be relaxing!)..

We begin..

Local Fruits with local honey and homemade yoghurt..

Then amazing stuffed parathas.. One of potato one of cauliflower , both equally delicious and fabulous for breakfast! 

And then if that wasn’t enough a poori number with an excellent so delicately spiced and light tasting veg curry number.. 

 Yummy doodle doo!!!

 Wonderful breakfasts these! How do they make it so well! Hmmmmm

Aha! I will find out later as will be off to market with chef then a Cookery session one on one.. 


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5 replies

  1. Yes, your shirts will be ready in 24hours, it is amazing isn’t it? The breakfast looks to die for, and the scenery spectacular!

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  2. and you look stunning in that pink shirt

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  3. Looks like a wonderful adventure. I would love to ride on an elephant!

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