Rajhastani delights ! An almost vegetarian supper! 

It’s all down to this amazing chef.. He really is amazing, and dealing with the produce he gets from around here is half the battle I guess.. 


Actually I think I have that partly wrong.. Chef arrived at our pink palace to discuss tonites dinner..

Then he decided that he was just going to pull out the big guns.. A Rajasthani feast.. A vegetarian feast!

With this amazing plant and berry curry thing.. We have never eaten anything like it!

  Oh yeah., that almost vegetarian bit!

This wicked achar chicken..

   I hate those ‘plates clean’ shots , yet this deserves it.. 

And this is a fast post as we want to enjoy the rest of the evening.. 

Wow these deserts’ 


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  1. I see you’re really enjoying it all, has your tummy turned a few somersaults at all? :). I finally got my sausage rolls post out, but I’m sure you don’t want to be dreaming about sausage rolls right at this moment :). Enjoy the rest of your travels, show us some scenery 🙂

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