Breakfast in tree of life Jaipur

our breakfast this morning was served in this wonderful building just across from us.. 

And what a wonderful spread!

Fresh fruits from the gardens.. You can taste the freshness ! ) or is that just the environment..? If it is it needs bottling.. You could make a zillion!

Then wonderful cakes and bread.. The preserves of papaya and marmalade (home made from the garden of course!).. Paddington bear would be in his element !

Oh and this far too healthy beet root and all very and stuff juice kick.. Man that was earthy and again from the land! With some green te with local honey and lemon from the trees just outside the door!

Then onto a winner.. Phav bhaji ( think I have that correct! ).. At first I wondered why we had this kinda bread going on.. It works though! And that subtly spiced veg mix was so fresh and zingy it is just what you need to wake up the tastebuds and get you going in the morning..  

Now off to explore! With our new guide and driver ..


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  1. Glad you having a good time, and getting to eat really good contemporary Indian food. Breakfast look fabulous:)

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