First Jaipur supper -trust me it’s darn good indeedy! 

so after what was probably the quickest flight we have ever taken (minus a quite mad internal customs number for a domestics flight in Delhi!.. Don’t even go there., )., 

We arrive in Jaipur., we are staying at this great place.. Called the tree of life.. It’s superb! Well done Mrs Fitz!

This is our very own pink palace.. With private pool, jacuzzi , couples massage spot, outdoor shower and bath.. Plus aircon, sat TV .. And plenty more besides!   
  This is where I have decided I will be best placed to contemplate life in the evenings., prior to supper.. 
  And what a supper!

The chef swings by your room and asks what you fancy., of course he has an idea yet is more than happy to switch it up a piece.  And yup you guessed it we asked for that .. Ok I asked .  The chef is indeed a Rajput .. That puts him pretty high up if us ask me! Particularly in these valley/countryside surroundings.. It’s plush here.. Real plush.. Most of the veggies come from the gardens on site and the rest of the ingredients .. (And wonderful they are!)., from really really close by.. I will be heading out with him in a few days time to go sourcing., looking forward to that.. Mrs Fitz will take advantage of the spa during that event.. 

Yet lets talk food huh?

The chef comes to your palace (there are 14 across this sprawling valley..) and asks what you want.. 

They do also gave an extensive ‘western’ offering., yet seriously., we ain’t here for that!

So let’s start 

Kicking things off with the juciest chickeny-est and most flavour ful chicken tikka and salad.. Yeah those plates got cleared all right!

Then a mix up.. On what have to be the most innovative plates I have ever seen! Wonderful hand beaten numbers with little bowls of joy.. A makhani Dahl of course! A mixed veg curry with mushrooms peas and corn.. In like a creamy sauce.. A raita . And this most crackalackin red mutton Rajput number.. I had to go in twice.. Like get another small pot of it.. Did I need it? Nope.. Did greed wash over me like the monsoons in the tea plantations? Yes indeedy.. It was beautiful, as were the breads .. We both agreed that it was exactly the food we had been waiting for..   
 And then pudding.. As you can see from my face I would hurt you for this.. Not the creme caramel but the  again local dish of deep fried and sugary craziness.. Like insanely good .. And I don’t do desserts..

And then the finger bowl.. Nah not really.. Yet reminds me of going to morrocco with Father as a kid.. And drinking the finger bowl.. He lot me to it.. As hadn’t eaten for a few days.. Umm yeah it had been used.. Like a very weak cous cous soup!! Hehehe 

Well back to the palace before there is an international incident where someone else orders that pudding.. Mrs Firz pulling me away.. 

And a happy follow on birthday to Mrs Fitz.. Balloons and cake ..  

 Green tea and cake.. Ying and yang huh? 

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  1. Your own palace! What a wonderful experience!

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  2. Wow what a great place to stay and the food sounds amazing, really the chef makes a house call to find out what you want. Wow again.

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