Bhukara again! Maharajah kebabs

Awoke to the wonderful sounds of the Arabian Sea.. Mrs Fitz still not well though. A nasty cough and a stiff neck.. So a day in the sun is needed indeed!


So we spent the day on the beach.. The wind a little strong yet it was lovely just hanging out together .

Yet then darkness fell and Suppertime was upon us..

And a starter of fantastic ghol guppa .. ( probably spelt terribly indeed!!).. 😳

Yet these little crunchy spheres.. With the top caved in and a potatoey thing inside ..


Then you pour in the tamarind water mixed with mango powder and these lentil ball thingies..


And pop em into ya mouth before they fall apart.. And BOOM!! what a smacked of tastiness !!! Now that’s what I’m talking about!! Hurrah.. !! (All those exclamation marks are actually needed..)..

After a joyful starter and like the best of starters it just got out tastebuds zinging for more delightfulness..

And our wishes came true. I have heard of these maharajah kebabs yet never been lucky enough to try them.

Legend has it that a 100 or 120 year old maharajah who had lost his teeth over the years asked his chef make him kebab with red meat.. Something he could really enjoy, a dish to rival all dishes.. you get the point right?

Well this is it.. The ultimate kebab perhaps? So so so soft you could feed it to a baby., or a king.. Or ME!!


Ok they don’t look the greatest.. Yet zippy-dee-doo-dahh.. What a joy!! That maharajahs moustache musta curled right up in happiness I tell ta!!

And that amazing black bean dhall again.. It’s creamy and delightful .. And we bit agree that if we could make dhall like this overnight on low burning red coals we would have it often!!


Mama wouldbe so proud of us eating dhal .. So proud..

The breads tonite were gluten free. And I have to admit they were wonderful also..

I didn’t think much of the lemon tea..


Hehheh .. It’s a finger bowl..


Must share the story of me being very young with father in Morocco once.. We were at a fancy pants dinner .. Umm the only thing I enjoyed was the finger bowl! Father just left me to it!! Yet that’s for another time…

We even took dessert tonite., a kulfi.. In-house made and yummy..


We feel a little bad having not eaten anywhere else.. Umm ok not that bad!!

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  1. what do you do that takes you to so many different places?

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  2. You got me at the starter that looks fab it reminds me of an Indian dish x

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