Last supper in Bhukara Ajman UAE

Another day spent on the beach..


Ooh.. Hang on..

Another great arabic breakfast of foul medames and breads .. With kibbeh.. Those lovely crispy meaty snacks.. Yummy!!


They day was lovely we even took a swim in the sea.. And that is very unusual for me.. I don’t eat anything from the sea ( apart from fish fingers very occasionally..).. And then Mrs Fitz pointed out some creepy crawly things making their way back from the sand into the sea.. And that was enough for me…


So onto our final supper..

It just had to be where we first began this arabian adventure ..

Bhukara.. And beautiful it was indeed !

Gol guppa thingies to start..





Had to put all the pics in there.. (Apologies if you already saw them on Twitter..)..

The lamb chops were the business too , along with that wonderful dhal , the breads and a wickedly tender chicken number..





This post is all about the pics really.. You just have to eat here if you get the chance.. You really do.. Not only is the food amazing.. The staff are just so wonderful and pleased that you like the food.. That means loads in my book.. Or blog!! Hahhaha !



Me and Mrs Fitz are really gonna miss this place…

Really gonna miss it..,

Even if you are staying in Dubai you need to take a cheap short can ride out to here.. Tell em Mr Fitz told ta!

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  1. Now you’re just showing off!!(as you should be). I want to know where you got your bib, it’s FANTASTIC!!!

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  2. There is an Indian dish which uses similar little crisp delicate bowls or balls to which you add some liquid and pop in your mouth, I think the food looks outstanding, my you and Mrs. Fitz do a lot of travelling.

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  3. What a fiest! Looks like you had a wonderful time. Beautiful beach.

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