Lebanese chicken & prudys dill & onion chips

So we are back in the cold..

Actually it’s not too cold .. Still ..

Easy food is required .. And there is a new range of stock brined chickens in my favourite store.. (The one that moved yet now have actually got used to it ..)..

So hmm.. A stock brined chicken?

It says to put the whole thing in the oven.. Bag and everything.. Which seems quite weird as the bag is printed also? I double checked and there is no ‘ outer and inner’ bag.. So hey ho.. Let’s go!!

That cooked for an hour and a half.

In order to flavour it up .. Ghormet sabzi lebanese herbs.. And Himalayan pink salt and thumbs up thai white pepper..


That chicken is juicy as juicy can be!

So juicy I had to pour off juice..


And it kinda fell apart which was very annoying.. Still good smelling succulent chicken!

Onto the chips.. Chicken and chips.. Why is that such a great combo? Worldwide ?

And these chips based on my pal Prudys recipe..

Chopped Maris pipers.. Boiled in water with a good splash of white wine vinegar in..


For five minutes .

Then cooled on a rack..


Then fried off in sunflower oil in uncle bens wok.. ( am outta Mrs Middletons).. And drained on ikea brown paper..


Dried dill and onion powder with a little turkish dried pepper.. Plus Himalayan pink salt.. Into a steel bowl.. The chips tossed in it..

The pics cannot explain just how lovely these chips are..


Seriously good.. Oh and the veggies?

Nah.. No veggies ..

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  1. Those chips do look lovely…and the chicken!!

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