Delhi breakfast before Jaipur

simple enough reading as a header.. not too much of an ordeal.. .. no biggie..Ummm HOLD THAT PAGE BUSTER! (for some reason though posting from the iPhone (my usual posting approach is not playing ball.. humph indeedy!)..

Ok… lets play ball!

Remember this chef?


Well he rocked our breakfast once again..

He wated to pack us off to Jaipur with great memories.. of his cuisine.. and ooh sweet mother of god.. he didn’t let us down!

This is some serious work going on in flavour town..

its like an iddly pancakey thingy on steroids..

the topping is “gunpowder” spice.. and of course just a drop of clarified butter for good measure.. ahem..

the sambal and tomato thing works fantastic.. yet what really makes it is the potato curry .. so so so delicately spiced..


Umm i ate it all… sorry no pics..

It was though a stunning affair.. and I would be more than happy to eat it on a regular basis..

Ok.. we are off for one of the shortest plane rides we ever experienced.. with the maddest strictest airport process we have also ever had!

Let’s go to the pink city!! (so called because of the Prince of Wales visit where they painted the town pink.. did they do it for him.. were they trying to ‘say‘ something.. hmmmm

Let’s go see..

(also don’t like writing this on the macbook .. it feels weird somehow…)



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  1. love iddlis – have a pan to make them in the basement – have I made them at home? nope not yet and the pans been there since 2008 but I did make dosas from time to taim, agree with ETC – best breakfasts are Indian breakfasts

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  2. Indian breakfasts are the best – give my regards to the Pink City – am feeling quite jealous 🙂

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