Birthday supper for Mrs Fitz

So we had a wild day.. Great touring about old Delhi and the amazing historical that are the breadth of this (albeit) super smoggy city., this place has more smog than Mexico City and others put together for sure! I have never experienced anything like it! You seem to kinda get used to it.. Is that bad? Probably.. I think a mis-spent youth is helping! You focus your eyes a leetle more and heck am used to having the odd cough every now and then ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yet lets talk supper.. One thing that needs restating, despite your of our thoughts this place ain’t cheap., not if you eat like we seem to be.  When we return to Delhi in less than a week I have lined up some of the eateries we really want to be eating in.. All courtesy of the google gods and our driver/security., I think people are just so paranoid about ‘westerners’ struggling with hygiene etc that they do all they can to make sure you don’t get to experience exactly what you want., I get that.. Sure I understand., yet cmon we are pretty darn hardy , (and the hygiene in the west really needs addressing sometimes right?! .. So looking forward to that.. 

In the meantime lets talk Mrs Fitz birthday.. 

First a fantastic cake. A gift from @theclaridges This seemed like one of those chocolate numbers that would kill us! In fact it was delicious! Light yet oh boy oh boy do you know you were eating chocolate! 



And then bubbles sent by our good friends at incent INDIA ., if you are ever thinking of coming out this way please do get a hold of them they are the business I swear to you., plus a dozen roses., yeah thanks people.. (Only kidding!).. Mrs Fitz loved them and had a tear or two.. Perhaps three or more to be honest! It’s amazing the hospitality from people you hardly know.. Fantastic! ๐Ÿ™โœŒ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽฏ๐Ÿ‘

We are a piece and headed out.. Where to go though ?

Well Connaught place.. A legacy left by the British., and developed into a very pretty yet Delhi bonkers place., there is loads going on here and to be honest the google gods will tell you far more than I can.  What I can tell you is it feels good., safe., welcoming , busy (of course!).. Yet nice.. In that central city way that all major cities seem to do.  

So we choose the union coffe house., a legend in these parts since the forties ., 

It’s got old school elegance indeed., if walls could talk huh? ๐Ÿ˜ถ

Now this ain’t no normal coffee house, yip they do indeed sell coffee and am sure it’s delightful., we are here to eat.. 


A nod and a small bit of paper to the door chap gets us a great table overlooking the floor., 

A bottle of Indian wine.  We have been waiting to try this for a while.  I think they are being a little too honest though! I don’t see labels like this back home! 

Check it out.  Makes you a little unsure if you want to actually drink it! Water from grape juice? Mad alcohol ? I think we have #lostintranslation things going on here! It’s a bit too literal! 

 Oh! and please don’t get fooled by that price you read on the bottle., oh no mon ami’s .. Oh no indeedy!

Yet lets look at food., we are still a bit full from lunch with the meat ( or so Mrs Fitz wisely tells me., )(humph!)., 

So snacks we go for., all veggies., ‘posh’street food!


ok apart from this massive keema samosa that they are quite famous for! 

I have to admit it’s rather tasty .. 

And hey! Am sure that that lamb/goat/sheep was vegetarian or even vegan right? Hehehehe

That food rocked., and did the wine.  That’s the problem with these old school places.. They really are pretty cool.. A bit like the reform club lamb chops Father used to take me to eat., yup that place from the bet of around the world in ninety days.  I reckon I may done that in ninety months perhaps!! (And have never reformed!) .. Cough cough ahem! 

Back to this birthday meal.  

Lovely.  We played it on the ‘down low’.. 

 It was good eating.. (Even if that tomato sauce was Maggies!.  )


Back in the hotel suite now.. Drinking bubbles and eating cake.. It’s a shame to waste either.. 

I love you Mrs Fitz.. Thanks for over 16 years of sticking by me., ummm I may snore a little tonite., 

Off to Jaipur tomorrow for a new Indian adventure., 

Nite nite ๐Ÿ˜˜




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10 replies

  1. Happy birthday mrs fitz!!! Indeed – what a lucky lady and you are a lucky guy

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  2. Looks delicious, all of it! Happy Birthday to Mrs. Fitz, what a nice way to celebrate!

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  3. it really sounds you had a super birthday time with Mrs. Fitz ๐Ÿ™‚ The Union Coffee house – a good place to eat. The price on that bottle of white wine (good company!) is what you pay in the so called ‘shops’ – but of course hotels charge you……treble or more, sadly! Re eating in less than 5-star places – I am here now for 14 years and touch wood, I never ever have been sick because of food I have eaten out. I even have a couple of ‘street food carts’ where I love to get my occasional Chaad fill (my Indian husband would never do this thou ๐Ÿ™‚ :). I learnt from a young age, living around the world, if street food you must have, then eat from the place where you find the longest queue. Enjoy the beautiful Pink City!

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    • am with you indeed! some of the best food i have eaten have come from ‘street vendors’ in particular I recall the ‘blondie’ hole in the walls in Mexico city… superb! (yet never suggested!), iand i do think that the ‘hygiene’ issue in London and the home counties is much more questionable! .. the wine.. sheesh! am paying more than in London.. even here at the tree of life in Jaipur.. gotta say though that this place rocks! their website does not reflect it at all! it does in a way yet wowsers this is a mini pink castle pradis.. would be happy to live here.. if you know of any street places in delhi please do pas them over.. its been so tough to find a delhi blogger! (with any tips).. hmm perhaps there is an angle there huh!


  4. Love the wine label. I’m glad you made it to Connaught Circus – I have fond memories of it when I lived in Delhi. I don’t expect the pink city will disappoint either. I’m glad you’re able to post while travelling, something I never quite manage to do myself.


    • its a great wine.. although quite scary right!! the place we are now at is about an hour outside of jaipur.. the tree of life.. this place is awesome! their site is ok.. yet beng here is amazing.. only hearing the birds and the pump on our pool while typing this…


  5. Happy birfday Mrs Fitz!! Looks like a cracking feed my friend ๐Ÿ™‚

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