A wander round Delhi 

here we go here we go here we go.. 

A wandering around Delhi.. 

First lets introduce our driver /security and our guide..

Here they are.. And rather nice chaps too!

This is outside the big mosque .. That’s as close as we went.  Not due to anything apart from wanting to get out there and explore! 

So a rickshaw first.. Through old Delhi.. Man it’s way different to New Delhi for sure! I quite like it! And Mrs Fitz declared it a fantastic birthday experience indeed..( in a good way!).. 

 Yet having a guy wheel you about isn’t as fun as a proper wander.. 
So off the rickshaw and onto the pavement .. Umm kinda.. 

Now these electrics need thinking about! 


Like seriously!


 Ahh well best go looking at the spice market part of old Delhi then., this is certainly the real McCoy .. If you are weak of stomach, sense or cannot understand that actually this is indeed how people live then perhaps it ain’t for you.. We enjoyed it.. Although didn’t actually buy anything as we were in the wholesale part.. And although cooking is a major part of life I really don’t need sacks of stuff.  


It was a great wall fur a couple of hours.. Passing through a maze of streets.. Would have taken more shots yet it didn’t seem appropriate .. More something that your mind captures over the iPhone! 

And then to wander relaxingly through humayuns tomb, built in 1570 this was an inspiration to the rest including the Taj Mahal.  (That we are not going to visit by the way..).. (We need to get to a smog free zone for a good while!)..  


Coo place that .. Yet we are hungry and every good traveller deserves a good lunch right? 

So off we pop.. Our security/driver recommends a joint for us.. Rather nice actually.. 

 Great kebabs , oh oh oh so soft chicken tikka and some chicken lollipops .. They reached here too! 

And good breads., plus a salad-Esque.. 

Tasty .. With a salty lassi to wash it down., 


Nice indeedy.. 

About more sightseeing then back for a freshen up and relax before heading out for Mrs Fitz birthday supper.. 

A wonderful day out that we will remember for ever., even explaining what we experienced wandering about would not do it justice., 

Like ‘at all!’ 🙏

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  1. I know it is difficult to describe all the sights, sounds and smells of the old part of Delhi, but I understand your enthusiasm. Of all the places I’ve lived, India made the greatest impression on my, and I miss it still.

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    • I tell you.. It’s wild. In a good way., we are now in the hills outside of Jaipur.. This place is amazing ! Tree of life. Their website just cannot do it justice! Just hearing the birds while lying by our pool in our own wonderful mini pink palace!


  2. Really nice post. Old Dehli sounds truly amazing:)

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