First breakfast @theclaridges New Delhi 

the morning of Mrs Fitz’s birthday .. And our first in this new land.. New Delhi!


The usual good fare is offered.. The ubiquitous chicken sausages, bacon, hash browns etc.  Pastries.. Eggs.. Meats and fruits..great juices.. You know the score.. Five star hotel style…

We went plain.. ..(ish!).. 


That’s one great thing about hotel breakfasts .. You get to have all these wonderful selections.. It would (should that say will ?!)., be great to have that every morning! 

Now that was all going all well and good and we were starting to relax into the morning.. We have a busy day ahead site seeing and what not.  ..

Then it all changed.. ALL CHANGED.. 

This chap turned up.. 

 And our breakfast world was about to hit lightspeed!

Idli samba.. Like a delicate rice pancake with rice and a light spiced curry.. 


Mrs Fitz declare that she could eat it for breakfast every day!.. And she is after all the birthday girl and the entire reason for our trip out here.. 

This though made me sit up..(in a good way I tells ya!!., )., The chef made it for me.. Like he could make it for you too.. You would just have to pop over to india for it..

 The masala dosa.. An item that I am now going to crown the new king of breakfasts.. 

I remember Father Fitz talking in excited hushed tones about scoring some of these when he visited his pal in Leicester .. 

I have one thing to say to him., 

I get it… Shhhhhhh.. I really do..


It’s not heavy., it’s not overly spicy.. It’s just very moreish.. Crisp pancake giving way to potatoes pimped up with mustard seeds, fresh curry leaves and a few other delicious things.. A sambas that is mouth-wateringly good, a tomato relish and a coconut ‘relish’? It’s light.. Tasty.. And makes you feel like you have eaten something that’s good for you., without suffering any losses!

Trust me this is a breakfast winner.. 

C’mon then Delhi .. Let’s be having you! 

(Ok sure just another green tea then first..let’s not be too hasty right?.. Ahem..).. 



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