And so it begins.. Indian adventures

ok … Game faces on.. 

First the flight over.. Sometimes travel is so tough.. Ho hum.. 

Now you have to excuse the weird lighting.. Blame the airline.. It’s a bit like sitting in a strange club… An upper class club though! It didn’t seem as weird as these pics seem to make out! 

Leek and potato soup to start.. 


While watching a cooking show.,  
Not a bad soup .. All organic and all that jazzle.. 

Then a quite strange chicken curry affair… Mrs Fitz enjoyed it more than me.. 


That lighting is now seeming very weird! 

Mini popadoms with some mango chutney (not geetas father).. A raita and some kinda pickle.. 

A light breakfast.. (Notice those lights have gone off!)., could have had lots more yet fine with a croissant , black tea and some fruit.  

And then we arrive , great airport quickest ever I think! .  Here now in Delhi.. A good walk about to stretch out the legs.. And then our first curry .. A Rajasthani number, with a makhani dhal some wafer bread and steamed rice.a few beers.. .  Too tired to go seek a place out we did the hotel number.. Yeah I know! 
Still though.. It was cracking and for the darn money it should’ve! 


That dahl was delicious as was the mutton.. 

Now.  Quick tip here.. Don’t look at the prices they say.. As in the hotel they seem to add another FORTY , yup FORTY % to the bill using various taxes..  Humph! 

So there we have it right now.. We are in india and have just paid far more than we would for much more food back home., 

Things will only get better., off on a jaunt tomorrow for Mrs Fitzs birthday .  

 Was tasty though .. Really was…that’s just bones left.. 


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6 replies

  1. Please give my regards to New Delhi – and Happy Birthday! Are you heading to Rajasthan or Kerala? Raj for the colors and scenery, Kerala for the best food on the planet…. 🙂

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  2. Welcome to India. But, are you coming down South, Kerala – the green land of Coconuts and Spices!?
    If and when in Cochin/Kochi have most delicious fish cooked by Chef Joseph of the Grand Hotel in MG Road – a famous place not to be missed! Enjoy and……Mrs Fitz, Happy Birthday.

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  3. My hometown! Have fun you guys! Yep, alcohol + food tax comes to about 30 +% and then followed by other hotel taxes! If you can… Go eat at “Indian Accent” in Friends Colony. Enjoy your trip! And wishing Mrs. F a very Happy Birthday!

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