Sitters sausage rolls 


Well the hounds have gone off to their sitters.. 

While we take to the skies !

So you have to give a gift along with the hounds right?

So sausages rolls it is.. They always go down well.. 

So defrosted good sausage meat.. Meats (ahem!).. Store bought puff pastry..

Bradley Apple sauce sits on top of the meat.. And rolly rolly ..


Brushed with beaten egg..

Into the hot oven for twenty five or a bit more minutes..


Until you get these beauties!

 Of course we had to taste them once cooled, Mr Wentworth & Cora Murley approved .. 


Enjoying a burger in the lounge .. 



Chocks away! 

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4 replies

  1. Yum! This makes me wish my cheat day was closer. 🙂 looks delicious

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  2. Nothing like home made sausage rolls! Bon voyage

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